Our Services

Our Services

The services we provide at Hamilton Wealth Management are customised to align with our clients’ vision and wealth goals. Through successful planning and investing of your wealth, together with experienced and personalised advice, we can achieve results tailored for you.

Our services include:

  • Strategic Financial Advice
  • Asset Allocation
  • Asset Management

We have a saying at our firm that:

“Pride in what we do, comes from pride in what we do not do”

– in the areas such as Intergenerational Planning, Risk Insurance and Estate Planning, we liaise with our alliance partners who we believe are best in breed in the areas of specialisation.

We understand that our job matters, and we are privileged to be entrusted with your money. Our clients are our life and our methods reflect this. We take this journey together and our passion is seeing you succeed.

Delivering exceptional client service is a privilege we don’t take for granted. We work in complete partnership with our clients to ensure their needs are fully understood, then exceeded. It is our belief that outstanding client service means truly listening without judgment, constantly asking questions to clarify, then delivering the best solution.

Every client is different, so excellent service means having the courage and care to alert clients to emerging issues, and possible resolutions specific to them. We take the time to build the understanding, rapport and trust which are fundamental to a successful client-advisor relationship.

Wealth Management

Our wealth management team deliver holistic, considered and highly individualised advice to protect and sustain long-term growth for you.

Family Wealth Advisory

We understand the importance of being able to provide not only for your children, but also for your children’s children.

Portfolio Management

Our portfolio management team work with you to provide personalised advice, aiming to protect and sustain long-term growth for you.

Investment Management

At Hamilton Wealth Management, we provide our clients with an intelligent, thoroughly informed, individual approach to wealth management.

Intergenerational Planning

Expert portfolio management with ongoing strategic advice can provide peace-of-mind for your family and financial security for generations to come.

Asset Allocation

We believe that the key to sound wealth management is a disciplined proven process, following a clearly understood philosophy & underpinned by a strong methodology.

Asset Management

To provide support to our in-house research, we utilise the services from several independent resources including Zenith Investment Partners, Heuristic Investment Systems, Farrelly and Capital Economics.

Strategic Advice

Due to the demands of modern life, rapidly changing rules and regulations, or a lack of certain expertise, our experience shows that many people simply cannot find the time to manage their financial affairs.

Philanthropic Services

The rigorous and tailored methodology we apply in our management of many of our clients remains critical in our goal of helping you achieve your philanthropic ambitions now and into the future.