Our Services

Our Services

We are a specialist wealth manager providing expert investment and strategic advisory services to successful individuals, families and for-purpose organisations.

Each investor has a unique set of personal values, objectives and tolerance to investment risk. To us, great outcomes are delivered by truly listening without judgment, having the courage and care to identify issues and delivering the best solution.

Portfolio Construction & Investment Management

We focus on delivering attractive investment returns within a clearly defined risk framework, considering the impact of tax, costs and inflation.

We diversify amongst and within asset classes to manage risk and build portfolios that will ‘bend but not break’ in times of stress. We apply a tactical asset allocation approach to capture medium term market opportunity and enhance returns.

We leverage external expertise and conduct internal research to identify ‘best of breed’ investment strategies, we negotiate on behalf of our clients to access investments on attractive terms and at reduced cost.

Our Investment Policy Board (IPB) is independently chaired, includes two additional independent members and the partners of Hamilton Wealth Partners. This provides a greater depth of expertise and governance in the oversight of our investment process.

To support our in-house research we leverage the expertise of several external partners. Zenith Investment Partners support our internal investment manager research process and participate in our IPB meetings. Heuristic Investment Systems support us in developing our strategic asset allocation benchmarks and tactical asset allocation view, they also participate in our IPB meetings. Delta Research and Advisory provide sophisticated quantitative analysis, Delta Factors gives insight into manager performance behaviour, market exposure, style, market timing, risk exposures and value added. This assists in monitoring ongoing performance and blending managers within each asset class to achieve the desired exposure. Finally, Capital Economics in London provide us with an independent macroeconomic research.

Structuring and Asset Protection

The optimal ownership structure can play an important role in protecting and preserving wealth for its intended purpose. We take a whole of balance sheet approach to design a comprehensive investment strategy that will include some or all of the following structures; discretionary trusts, unit trusts, companies, private ancillary funds and superannuation funds.

Each individual structure will have its own tax implications, liquidity requirements and investment time horizon. It is important that any investment is considered in this context to optimise after tax investment returns and deliver the desired outcome.

We work closely with private business owners and their tax advisers to help them build and protect wealth external to their business interests.

Strategic, Family & Intergenerational Planning

A clear strategic plan provides the confidence and clarity to make the most of your financial resources and achieve what you want in life.

Individual objectives, values and evolving circumstances can present challenges in managing and preserving family wealth. Creating a clear plan for the investment and distribution of wealth can deliver a secure financial outcome across generations and contribute to family harmony.

Philanthropic Services

Successful individuals and families often find purpose in charitable giving.

We provide advice on the structure and investment of capital with charitable intent to maximise impact and create a lasting legacy.

Third Party Relationship Management

It is important that your broader circumstances are considered in the investment advice we provide to you. We can act as the central point to manage and coordinate your accounting, banking and legal requirements with your existing service providers. We partner with like-minded specialists and can introduce their services where required.

We provide a ‘whole of wealth’ online portal and mobile app that can centralise access and storage of your investment, banking, accounting and legal data and documentation. You own and control access to the platform, providing us, other professional advisers and family members with access only to the information you deem necessary.

Responsible Investing

Wealth without values is simply money – we recognise the importance of aligning investment portfolios with the personal values of each investor.

We have been a leader in the incorporation of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in our investment process. The Partners of our firm have all completed the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI) Essentials program and are members of the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA).