Philanthropic Services

Philanthropic Services

Australian Philanthropic Services – Hamilton Wealth

Philanthropic goals and aspirations can vary from person to person. The rigorous and tailored methodology we apply in our management of many of our clients including private clients remains critical in our goal to help you achieve your philanthropic ambitions now and in the long term.

Our team has extensive experience providing advisory services to manage private ancillary funds, private wealth and the broader philanthropic desires of high net worth individuals, families and organisations. This experience has resulted in the development of a business-wide understanding and appreciation of the philanthropic work of all our high net worth clients.

Our financial advisers work closely and assist with the establishment of family charitable foundations and charitable trusts where clients have philanthropic intentions and passions in assisting them to assist causes and organisations that mean a lot to a family.

This structure is suitable for those who wish to see their philanthropy become effective and instil positive behaviour in family members and future generations.

We will discuss with you a high-level approach to tax incentives and structuring which support your current and future philanthropic desires.

Philanthropy Australia

As a business, our goal is to deliver a sustainable return for our clients, so we employ the same rigorous and considered approach to our high net worth philanthropic clients service as we do for all our clients.

We understand that managing an individual’s portfolio requires discretion and personalisation, in an equivalent way so does managing the portfolio of a client who may possess a predisposition to generosity.

Hamilton Wealth Partner is actively involved in managing funds for both profit sectors and not-for-profit institutions and peak bodies in the areas ranging from religious institutions, health, estate planning, sporting institutions and the arts, our clients’ diverse ranges of interest in the philanthropy sector continue to both challenge and educate us.

Our clients often wish to become more involved at a granular level by allocating funds to a specific action. We share the view that philanthropy is a form of impact investing; transparency and continual improvement is required.

Giving is more gratifying when the cause and is close to the heart and the public ancillary funds are clearly aiding the cause.

Wealth without values is simply money after all…

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