Philanthropic Services

Philanthropic Services

Philanthropic goals and aspirations can vary from person to person. The rigorous and tailored methodology we apply in our management of many of our clients remains critical in our goal to help you achieve your philanthropic ambitions now and into the future.

Our team has extensive experience managing private ancillary funds and the broader philanthropic desires of individuals, families and organisations. This experience has resulted in the development of a business-wide understanding and appreciation of the philanthropic work of all our clients.

As a business, our goal is to deliver a sustainable return for our clients, so we employ the same rigorous and considered approach to our philanthropic clients as we do for all our clients.

We understand the managing an individual’s portfolio requires discretion and personalisation, in an equivalent way so does managing the portfolio of a client who may possess a predisposition to generosity.

With involvement in areas ranging from religious institutions, health, sports bodies and the arts, our clients’ diverse ranges of interest continue to both challenge and educate us.

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