• Wealth without values is simply money
  • Pride in what we do comes with pride in what we don’t do
  • We think globally but act locally
  • We are only what we do, not what we say we are

Why Hamilton Wealth Management

Hamilton Wealth Management is a boutique, private wealth management firm founded by Will Hamilton and Ian Gillies, joined in 2017 by John Green as a Partner. Our passion and expertise is to provide attentive advisory services on financial strategy, asset allocation and asset management. We pride ourselves on our service and advice proposition. Hamilton Wealth Management is not beholden to any other financial institution and does not accept rebates or commissions.

Drawing from years of experience working with high-profile clients and leading financial institutions both in Australia and Internationally including in London, New York, Hong Kong and Japan, our advisory services continue to succeed in the delivery of positive outcomes with a strong emphasis on risk management for our clients.

Working With You

Our Investment Philosophy

We believe that sound wealth management is based on a proven process, following a clearly understood philosophy & underpinned by a strong methodology.

Our Values

At Hamilton Wealth Management, we live by the saying: “Wealth Without Values Is Simply Money.” Our culture and brand are based on People, Quality and Service.

Strategic Alliances

While Hamilton Wealth Management is privately owned, we recognise the importance of strategic alliances with accounting, banking, estate planning, insurance, legal and real estate firms.

Our Services

Wealth Management

Our wealth management team deliver holistic, considered and highly individualised advice to protect and sustain long-term growth for you.

Family Wealth Advisory

We understand the importance of being able to provide not only for your children, but also for your children’s children.

Portfolio Management

Our portfolio management team work with you to provide personalised advice, aiming to protect and sustain long-term growth for you.

Investment Management

At Hamilton Wealth Management, we provide our clients with an intelligent, thoroughly informed, individual approach to wealth management.

Intergenerational Planning

Expert portfolio management with ongoing strategic advice can provide peace-of-mind for your family and financial security for generations to come.

Asset Allocation

We believe that the key to sound wealth management is a disciplined proven process, following a clearly understood philosophy & underpinned by a strong methodology.

Asset Management

To provide support to our in-house research, we utilise the services from several independent resources including Zenith Investment Partners, Heuristic Investment Systems, Farrelly and Capital Economics.

Strategic Advice

Due to the demands of modern life, rapidly changing rules and regulations, or a lack of certain expertise, our experience shows that many people simply cannot find the time to manage their financial affairs.

Philanthropic Services

The rigorous and tailored methodology we apply in our management of many of our clients remains critical in our goal of helping you achieve your philanthropic ambitions now and into the future.

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Hamilton Wealth Management is proud to be 100% committed to the Banking and Finance Oath (BFO).

In line with the values that we as a business believe in and our unifying purpose “Wealth without Values is simply Money”, we asked all employees if they would like to take the BFO. In an industry which is crying out for independence and objectivity we saw this as a further means to differentiate ourselves as a business based on what we stand for.