Our Values

At Hamilton Wealth Partners, we live by the saying:

“Wealth Without Values Is Simply Money”

Our culture and brand are based on People, Quality and Service. The “Service” element of our culture is inspired by ‘Four Seasons, The Story Of A Business Philosophy’, by Isadore Sharp.

We want our whole team to understand the ‘it’: what we are aspiring to achieve, the ‘me’: their role in this, and to give the ‘wow’ factor to our clients. This culture can be hard to achieve in a large organisation, but due to our boutique size and, more importantly, being employee owned with no tie to any other financial institution, together we can achieve it.

With several industry awards and accolades recognising our service and thought leadership in the field of financial advice, we pride ourselves on our strong culture that reflects these values.

Our Values

  • We believe that Service can overcome the physical product
  • We treat all Clients like we want to be treated
  • We never sell a product, we provide a Service
  • We believe the quality of our service reflects the quality of our People
  • We treat our People and our Clients exceptionally well
  • We recognise that our People will make mistakes and that the recovery reinforces our value proposition
  • Our Service is inclusive not exclusive
  • We hire People for attitude (initiative, a desire to serve, excited about coming to work) and not just for technical skill, as our People must share the values of the organisation
  • Our People are the centre of our universe
  • What our People do matters, and they should feel pride and confidence in what they do, always feeling supported
  • If our People feel cared about, they will care about our Clients.

As the client, you are focussed on the destination – our challenge is to help you focus on the journey to that destination.

NPS Survey

In both 2018 and 2017, we engaged Client Culture to independently conduct an Net Promoter System survey for us, also inviting clients to provide feedback.

An introductory email was sent from our firm informing clients that they would receive this survey from Client Culture and that it was important to us.

Based on our 2018 NPS results we achieved an NPS score of 68 and an average score of 9 out of 10. More importantly and of great value was feedback on where we could improve and where clients are happy (they say feedback is a gift).

When asked ‘How likely are you to recommend Hamilton Wealth Partners to a friend or colleague?’ we received some very positive feedback:

“They have always provided very sound advice particularly in times such as these when world politics and markets are volatile. Their choice of investments and recommendations always takes into account all known risks and therefore is well balanced.”

“HWP have been engaging and extremely collaborative in investment advice. (They) have a sound grasp of my risk profile and my perception is they are always working extremely hard at selecting appropriate products to meet my needs.”

“HWP invest time to understand their client’s needs, are thoughtful and considered. They use analysis well, not over playing historical performance, but also factoring in key issues such as governance. They communicate clearly and are trustworthy.”

“Excellent prompt and considered responses to queries and concerns. Strong knowledge of investments and the particular individuals concerned.”

We separately went out and asked for feedback on the operational side of our business. As a result, we have listened to and acted on areas we could improve putting into action or exploring what had to be done immediately. If you don’t act on feedback you will not necessarily receive it the next time you ask.

By utilising the NPS survey score results we are better able to understand and address our client’s feedback. We use this as a tool for identifying ways we can improve our service to clients.