Our Values

Our Values

At Hamilton Wealth Partners, we live by the saying:

“Wealth Without Values Is Simply Money”

Our culture and brand are based on People, Quality and Service. The “Service” element of our culture is inspired by ‘Four Seasons, The Story Of A Business Philosophy’, by Isadore Sharp.

We want our whole team to understand the ‘it’: what we are aspiring to achieve, the ‘me’: their role in this, and to give the ‘wow’ factor to our clients. This culture can be hard to achieve in a large organisation, but due to our boutique size and, more importantly, being employee owned with no tie to any other financial institution, together we can achieve it.

With several industry awards and accolades recognising our service and thought leadership in the field of financial advice, we pride ourselves on our strong culture that reflects these values.

Our Values

“Wealth without values is simply money”
Our personal values are reflected in the way we do business. We incorporate the values of our clients in the way we invest and manage their wealth.

“We are only what we do, not what we say we are”
Our culture and brand are based on three key factors: Trust in People, Commitment to Quality, and Excellence in Client Experience.

“Pride in what we do, comes from pride in what we do not do”
The alignment of interests between us and our clients is paramount in achieving a long term, successful relationship. This drives the structure and operation of our business.

“We think globally but act locally”
We invest globally and look beyond the Australian market to gain insight and benchmark ourselves against global peers.

Hamilton Wealth Partners is proud to be 100% committed to the Banking and Finance Oath (BFO):

“Trust is the foundation of my profession”

In line with our values we ask all employees to take the BFO. In our industry we see independence and objectivity as paramount in achieving positive client outcomes. The Oath is consistent with what we stand for as a business and as individuals.

Responsible Investment
We recognise the importance of aligning investment portfolios with the personal values of each investor. We have been a leader in the incorporation of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in our investment process. The Partners of our firm have all completed the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI) Essentials program and are members of the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA).

NPS Survey


More than half of our clients participated in the survey. We are grateful for this excellent response rate and want to thank everyone for taking the time to tell us what you think.  

In response to the question – how likely are you to recommend us to others? – the average response from all clients was a pleasing 9.5 out of 10 and the NPS was 83.

What you told us

On average, the top four things you said you like about our service is:

  1. Expertise
  2. Responsive and available
  3. Trustworthy and caring, and
  4. Proactive advice.

These results suggest we remain on the right track in providing a high quality client experience. But of course, as you know, we are passionate about always improving. With this goal in mind, we are pleased that the survey has provided valuable insights which will help us continue to improve and refine our service to match the needs and expectations of all clients.

We always welcome constructive feedback. Being accountable to you for the highest levels of service and being true to our promises is very important to us. It is key to our brand and to our culture; something we call ‘the HWP way’. So please get in touch at any time with any feedback or suggestions you may have.