Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation

At Hamilton Wealth Management we believe that the key to sound wealth management is founded upon a disciplined proven process, following a clearly understood philosophy and underpinned by a strong methodology.

We approach investor returns based on after-tax returns combined with the effect of inflation on your portfolio. Balance and diversification helps to manage (not avoid) inherent investment risk. Our client portfolios are appropriately balanced and diversified, thereby reducing portfolio volatility and ultimately managing and reducing risk.

It is important to us that through our process, that you, our client, invests with confidence.

Our Investment Policy Board (IPB) is crucial to our investment process. It is independently chaired with two additional independent member and reports to our Advisory Board (link to Advisory Board).

The IPB takes a considered, long-term strategic asset allocation approach to ensure correct tactical asset allocation position are in place for the medium-term market moves. This process, combined with our investment philosophy, approaches the short-term as timing influences only.

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