Responsible Investing

Responsible Investing

At Hamilton Wealth Partners (HWP) we believe that responsible management is important to all our stakeholders – employees, clients, shareholders, suppliers and the communities in which we operate – and appreciation of Corporate Responsibility is a core part of the HWP Way.

This we believe is important as a smart way to run our business as well as your money.

In living the HWP Way we actively remind and encourage our people to live by this philosophy through the way they interact with each other as team members as well as our clients, suppliers and the wider community.

HWP has been a leader in ESG investing which covers the Environment, Social and Governance, with all Partners having completed the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI) Essentials and being members of the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA).

HWP acknowledges that many investors require Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) practices.

According to the US Social Investment Forum, the definition of Socially Responsible Investing is “an investment process that considers the social and environmental consequences of investments, both positive and negative, within the context of rigorous and financial analysis. It is a process of identifying and investing in companies that meet certain standards of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).”

HWP requests that each Fund on our Approved Product List (APL) provide details on their ESG policy, including whether they are a member of the RIAA or a signatory of the PRI.

The PRI is a voluntary, aspirational initiative developed in association with some of the world’s leading asset owners and investment managers. They provide a framework for integrating ESG considerations into investment decision-making.

The PRI is a global leader in promoting standards of responsible investment, supported by the United Nations. The group encourages asset owners and managers to use responsible investment to better manage risks and seek opportunities, in the pursuit of long-term value in sustainable markets.

Not every fund manager on our APL is ESG compliant, but we maintain a register of those that are, as we recognise this is important to many investors.

Responsible investing isn’t just about the environment. It is about corporate behaviours – both good and bad – and it is interesting to note that successful businesses are often those that care about their people, their supply chains and their community.

Many investors are re-examination their relationship with the planet and society and are allocating their investible funds towards sustainable investments and choosing funds that look at ESG factors in their investment processes.

Whilst there is debate as to the outperformance or underperformance of ESG funds we strongly believe that companies with good ESG management tend to be more profitable over the long-term. They are also better prepared for sudden crises than companies that do not follow a sustainable governance approach.

Aligning ourselves as an organisation to the PRI was an important step for HWP in looking at a smart approach to running client funds, and why we have been involved passionately in ESG investing since 2016.