Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management Services 

At Hamilton Wealth Partners (HWP), our project portfolio management team work with you to construct a tailored portfolio personalised for you and meet your long term financial goals.

We build on our deep and experienced understanding of markets to construct what can be complex due to the personalised nature, ensuring we diversify not only amongst asset classes but within asset classes, having full control over future risk and return.

Usually, the project managers seek the most suitable assets including, stocks, bonds and other projects based on your risk tolerance level and expected return.

Diversification is important to ensure in times of stress portfolios bend but do not break.

Diversification occurs in line with your understanding of risk or risk tolerance, your appetite and requirements for liquidity with a strong focus on after-tax returns net cost returns.

Our Investment Policy Board (IPB) meet regularly to monitor fund manager performance, risk management, assess future opportunities, allocating resources and concentrating on the duration of fund manager performance.

Portfolio Asset Management Process

To provide support to our in-house research we utilise the services from several independent resources.

Zenith Investment Partners support our internal fund manager research, act as a fund selection solution filter and participate in our IPB meetings.

Heuristic Investment Systems provide a tactical asset allocation view around strategic asset allocation benchmarks and also participate in our IPB meetings.

Delta Research and Advisory provide sophisticated quantitative analysis from Delta Factors provide insights on performance behaviour, market exposure, styles, market timing, risk exposures and fund manager added value to assist us in blending managers in diversifying within asset classes.

Lastly, Capital Economics in London provides us with an independent macroeconomic approach to global markets.

Our goal is to construct portfolio’s that “stand the test of time. We invest your assets in a rational, methodical, efficient and effective manner and deliver a sustainable management approach to investment portfolio management that will provide for you and your family for generations to come and meet your strategic objectives.

We consider portfolio management, not just an area that requires expertise, but an area that requires constant attention, and this is why we utilise tactical overlays over strategic benchmarks. This is the recognition that markets are dynamic and we will utilise opportunities to increase exposure or decrease the exposure of specific asset classes when necessary as well as making the most of specific opportunities when they arise.

As a firm, we have been recognised through awards and our annual NPS for client service and keeping clients informed of not only our views but also actions that are necessary to manage investments for your portfolio is constant and keeps all our clients fully informed.

Our unbiased areas of expertise in other financial services include financial strategy, asset allocationwealth managementstrategic advice, investment management, philanthropic services and intergenerational planning.

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