Investment Management

Investment Management

Investment Management Services 

At Hamilton Wealth Partners, we provide our clients with an intelligent, thoroughly informed and individual financial service to wealth management and setting investment goals.  

In other words: we act as investment advisors to help our clients spend their time exactly the way they want. 

Hamilton Wealth is a premier investment management firm that diversifies amongst and within asset classes, with a belief in a portfolio approach. With a diverse investment selection across all asset classes to construct portfolios, from local real estate to other global assets, we provide investment management solutions from the most experienced fund managers. 

Hamilton Wealth Partners also has an Approved Product List (APL). From this APL, the asset selection for portfolio construction is drawn. No investment can be made outside of the APL without the Investment Policy Board (IPB) reviewing and signing off on this solution. 

We personally meet with each fund manager on the APL on a regular basis to assist in reviewing long term plans, recommending or excluding funds. Portfolios always remain diversified across asset classes, and through Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) gradual asset allocation shifts are approved by the IPB. 

We take a real, not relative return perspective that is risk-adjusted. Since short term volatility is inevitable, short term performance should not be a reliable indication of the future success of the strategy.   A good investment strategy maintains a healthy scepticism at all times combined with realistic expectations. This can be successfully achieved by tuning out on claims that a company, or sector, or fund. 

Hamilton Wealth has developed a qualitative approach that is complemented with a rigorous quantitative approach in selecting asset managers to make the best investment decisions for you using diversified financial products. 

In formulating and utilising solutions, we look at the following: 

  • What is the fund’s investment objective? 
  • Is this clearly understood?  
  • Has the fund consistently pursued its strategy (no style drift)? 
  • What are the risks?  
  • Quality of the fund’s management and are their own funds invested?  
  • What are the fees?  
  • How long has the fund been operating? Future performance, both long and short term? 

Client portfolio construction will always be built around the client’s objectives, values, and risk assessment. 

HWP’s areas of unbiased expertise include financial strategy, asset allocationwealth managementstrategic adviceintergenerational planning, philanthropic services and portfolio management.

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