Intergenerational Planning

Intergenerational Planning

Intergenerational Planning Services

Expert portfolio management with ongoing strategic advice can provide peace of mind for your family and financial security for generations to come.

The personal financial advice and intergenerational planning we provide at Hamilton Wealth Partners can ensure the development of a robust and transparent family governance structure. See our services on Family Wealth Advisory.

Intergenerational wealth transfer can provide security for your family in multiple generations and enable your business legacies to continue.

We provide intergenerational estate planning as know as intergenerational home plans for high net worth families which distributes their estate and non-estate assets to beneficiaries in a tax-effective manner.

Intergenerational planning is of high importance for those with active businesses, with retirement planning, financial planning and succession planning being of key importance. The transfer of personal assets can also have implications such as deprivation rules, capital gains tax and stamp duty.

A vital aspect in planning successful investment outcomes for our clients is to encourage them to establish and maintain regular and effective communication within their families.

Hamilton Wealth Partners has hosted annually a dinner with David Smorgon, OAM, and chairman of PWC’s Family Advisory Division on “The link between Family, Communication and Wealth”. The discussion centres around helping Australian families navigate the complexity and divisiveness that arises over money. The central message for all of us: Positive and open communication is needed.

 “Our experience has shown us that it does not matter how large or small inheritances can be; for the health of all families and the success of future wealth transfer, we need to ensure that fair, regular communication exists.”

Will Hamilton, CEO & Managing Partner

Read our article published in The Australian, David Smorgon’s Guide To Managing The Family’s Wealth on avoiding conflict and encouraging open and honest communication.

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