Family Wealth Management

Family Wealth Management

Family Wealth Management Advisors

At Hamilton Wealth Partners, we look to your future generations and understand the importance of being able to provide long term wealth creation – not only for your children but also for their children. The family private wealth legacy you leave behind is the culmination of value creation and personal investment decisions.

The financial security afforded by ongoing family wealth management, strategic wealth investment advice and intelligent portfolio management can provide peace of mind and harmony to your family. Our professional, confidential and conflict-free approach will ensure the development of a robust and transparent family governance structure, guided by our financial advice. Refer to our services on Intergenerational Planning.

Consistent with our approach in dealing with individuals and philanthropic clients, we understand that just as individuals advocate a certain set of values and expectations, so do families as a collective. We appreciate the importance of recognising these principles and mandate their integration into our family wealth advisory services and asset allocation to ensure we build your legacy in a manner that aligns with your family values, your personal financial situation and your approach to risk management.

Family wealth management services

Many of our clients have stable and successful family wealth portfolios, however, due to time constraints, our financial advisors are sought after to provide additional financial professional guidance and direction. Pivotal moments such as liquidity events, inheritance and succession planning can have long-lasting client wealth implications, and benefit from strategic insight and planning.

With consideration to your present wealth creation and capital sources, our family wealth management financial advisers align investment strategies to your asset, business and wealth portfolio, as well as your lifestyle, level of risk adversity, philanthropic desires and legacy plans.

A carefully managed family wealth portfolio can provide peace of mind for yourself, and also preserve family unity and continuity of the personal and business assets you have worked your whole life to achieve.

HWP’s areas of unbiased expertise include financial strategy, asset allocationwealth managementstrategic adviceintergenerational planning and portfolio management.

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